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About Me

I was born in Eau Claire, WI, and grew up in a very small town southwest of Eau Claire, where everyone knew everyone.  I did not let that keep me from searching for something bigger.  At the age of 18, the realization hit that I didn’t want to be stuck there indefinitely.  In my second semester of college, I moved to La Crosse, WI.  Shortly after earning my degree, I had my first child and pursued more education to find something to bring in more money.
A few years after graduating college, I found myself married and had two more kids. Time became very limited between raising three kids and working full-time while caring for a household.  Nine years later, I found myself going through a very bad divorce.  The reality hit me very quickly: I needed to find a way to bring in extra income to keep our home.  There was no way I could pull that off with just one job, but I knew that getting a second job would mean less time with my kids. 
The only solution that made sense to me was to find a way to bring in passive income from home on the side.  I bounced from one program to the next until I finally found the one that laid everything out so clearly that within the first month, I finally had the second stream of income I had been looking for. The best part was that I had mentors guiding me every step of the way.
These days, my time is spent working from home and being there when my kids and pups need me. On top of that, I now have the knowledge to teach and help others, like you and me, how to navigate this exciting business!

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